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National Care Service Consultation


Vision for the National Care Service


Our vision is set out in a new National Care Service: statement of benefits - Easy Read. 


People have told us they want a National Care Service accountable to Scottish Ministers, with services designed and delivered locally. 


The National Care Service will have equality, dignity and human rights at its heart. It will empower people to make the choices that are right for them.

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Our Campaign at The Action Group

Improving Care For People

During October 2021, we worked with the Scottish Government to find out what people would want from a National Care Service.

Known as the the 'National Care Service for Scotland - Consultation', this was a chance for our support workers and the people we support to have a direct impact on the future of health and social care.

Consultation Resources

Big Words
A Braing thinking

The Consultation Has Seven Chapters:

We need to make health and social care support better.

Services are important in supporting the health and wellbeing of people. We want people to do the best they can.

We must work together to have a person-centred way of working. This chapter covers plans to make the system stronger.

Chapter One: Improving Care for People

Councils have responsibility for providing social care support. The Scottish Government through local Health Boards, have responsibility for health care.

They ask local integration authorities to plan health and social care that is needed in local areas. Integration authorities are a partnership that brings together Health Boards and council
care services.

Chapter Two: National Care Service

  1. Children’s services

  2. Healthcare

  3. Social Work and Social Care

  4. Nursing

  5. Justice Social Work

  6. Mental Health Services

  7. Prisons

  8. Alcohol and Drugs Services

  9. ​National Social Work Agency

Chapter Three: Scope of the National Care Service

At present there are 31 integration authorities. They plan what care is needed in their area and deliver it with the NHS and Council.

Most integration authorities have an Integration Joint Board (IJB). They have members that can vote from the NHS and Council. Members also include social care providers, people who receive social care support, and unpaid carers. However, they cannot vote.

Chapter 4: Reformed Integration Joint Boards: Community Health and Social Care Board

Planning and buying health and social care services are a key part of delivering better wellbeing in Scotland. The Integration Joint Board (IJB) plans and agrees a budget for the services it is responsible for. Then the IJB directs the council and Health Board to deliver those services and provides the funding to do so.

Chapter 5: Planning and buying services

National organisations that manage standards play an important role in making sure standards of social care and support are high. The role of checking both services and the workforce will be separate to the National Care Service (NCS).


We need modern checking processes. That will continue to make things better and the best for people.

Chapter 6: Regulation

Scotland’s health and social care workforce provide important support to people across Scotland every day. We need to do more to ensure that there is a greater understanding of the role that they play and care they bring every day to the job they do.


We need to grow the workforce as more people need support.

Chapter 7: Valuing people who work in social care

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