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How you can help

The more people know about the work and the quality of our services, the more likely they are to support us. You can help us as: 

  • a Financial Supporter

  • an Advocate 

  • a Volunteer

  • a Member

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Ways to help!


Being a member of The Action Group is FREE and does not need to be renewed each year.

All you need to do is fill in the Membership Form

At The Action Group, we are keen to make our membership as wide as possible. Being a member simply shows that you support our values and aims, campaigning for and providing better services in the community.  


The membership gives us a solid base of work and helps us keep as many people as possible informed. 

You can join our Free Membership to receive newsletters, information on benefits & our services. Members can attend and vote at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) and Board of Directors. Other meetings are held to discuss The Action Group's plans and general developments in the social care sector.

For further information: Tel: 0131 285 5207 or email:

            Financial Supporter:


Any contribution you make, however small, will help us continue our work. You can:  

  • Make a regular monthly or annual donation.  

  • Donate in memory of a friend or relative  

  • Sign a Gift Aid form to allow us to claim back TAX you have already paid - at no additional cost to you! 

  • Remember The Action Group in your will. 

  • Take part in any Just Giving fundraising or other activities we have to raise funds.

            Advocate for the Work we do!:


The more people know about the work and the quality of our services, the more likely they are to support us. You can help us by: 

  • Promoting us as a worthwhile cause at your work 

  • Promoting The Action Group as a worthwhile cause to your friends and neighbours 

  • Joining in promotional activities organised by us 

  • Joining in fundraising activities organised by us

  • Promote The Action Group as a great place to work and as a great organisation with many different services for those with support needs

  • Support us on our social media platforms



Our Board of Directors are all volunteers. We are always keen to hear from people who would like to be involved in volunteering in other ways with our work. 



You can join The Action Group and: 

  • Put your views across at meetings like the AGM  

  • Shape policy by serving on the Board of Directors

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