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Annual Review 2022


Our Impact

"The pandemic has been hard and I am so proud of everyone who is part of The Action Group for pulling together, keeping everyone safe and making the best of the situation we found ourselves in."Linda Tuthill


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"2021 - 2022 has been a tough year in housing support services, particularly as we faced lots of uncertainty due to always having to adapt to new Covid restrictions and procedures. However our wonderful staff helped us through it, going above and beyond to keep people safe and smiling" - Clare Coyle

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"We have had the great opportunity to run playschemes and hubs to allow children to interact with there peers as well as give families some respite! The smiles that children have when there has shown us how important this has been! We have also been able to start back up some of the much loved groups" - Paisley


"In a year where the cost of living increased so much, we are only thankful that we have been able to stand alongside so many people and families. To help them get the money they are entitled to and to ease some of the stress they face." - Jo Kirby

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Evaluations 2022

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