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Annual Review 2022


The last few years have been difficult, and during this long pandemic we have missed everyone's faces under their face masks.

This year we want to bring the love, the passion, the time and the effort from our staff, people we support and all our departments to tell you how we did this past year and what we are planning for the year ahead.

Please enjoy watching and reading our 47th Annual Review and what TAG has been up to in the last year. Enjoy!


Welcome to The Action Group’s 47th Annual Review. This year we have tried something new again. To be even more accessible, we have made our annual review much less text-based and much more video based. We hope you like it. As always, we are happy to hear your feedback and whether we have this format right for as many of you as possible. 

 I hope if you are not already part of our organisation, you will join us now either:

  • To use our services and access the support you want

  • To get information about what we do 

  • As a carer or a professional who wants to find out more

  • To work with us

  • To volunteer with us

  • Or to become a member too


I hope you find all the information you need and if you do not, please just contact us and we can help

The pandemic has been hard and I am so proud of everyone who is part of The Action Group for pulling together, keeping everyone safe and making the best of situation we found ourselves in.

The Action Group has been around for 47 years at this point and we have survived so much as an organisation. We have done that because we care and we make sure we make the best decisions to keep the organisation strong for those it serves and employs. Times are still tough with cost-of-living pressures and recession, climate change impacts and ongoing Covid issues. We know that these will affect many of those we support and their families, as well as many of our staff also. We will do our best to help where we can, but it is clear in such difficult times, it will take our government to act to really make a difference.

Missed last year's?
Click here to see our 2021 Annual Review.

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