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What is the

National Care Service Consultation?


The Scottish Government wants to improve community health and social care support in Scotland.


This is because the Scottish Government want:


  • everyone to have the best support service no matter where they live. 

  • to support all staff to be their best no matter where they live. 

That is why the Scottish Government want to start a National Care Service (NCS).

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How to get involved?

Consultation Resources

NCSC - Summer Events

NCSC - Summer Events


In person Meetings & Online Meetings

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The Scottish Government is holding events across Scotland this summer, to help develop the National Care Service. 

They will be held from June to August and each event will be different, and have a different theme.


At the meetings you will be able:

  • Tell them about your experiences of support. 

  • Tell them what you would like to see in the future National Care Service.

  • Hear from local experts

Live Experience - NCSC

NCSC - Lived Experience Panel 

National Care Service Consultation Panel.png

Lived Experience Panel 

To do this The Scottish Government want to co-design the NCS with people


  • who use support services

  • who provide support services. 

Co-design means working together to understand, explore, and agree how the National Care Service should work.

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