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Sara Lurie

Sara Lurie

Despite my New York accent I have been in Edinburgh for over 40 years. I first came in 1974 to study special education and did a teaching practice at St Crispin’s School, and at the Autistic Unit then based at the Royal Mile School. I followed the development of The Action Group closely never imagining how much they would expand and grow from strength to strength, nor did I imagine that my daughter, who was not even born then, would be an adult user of their services!

I bring to the Board my experience as a mum of a service user, alongside my professional experience as a special education teacher and registered social worker. Additionally I have a history of working in senior management positions in the voluntary sector and of being a Board member for the Edinburgh and East of Scotland Deaf Society (now Deaf Action) and the Scottish Throughcare Aftercare Forum. I hope that my experiences in executive management, service development and delivery, strategic planning, risk management and governance contribute to the ongoing success of The Action Group.

I am the board link to the CAATS Service.

Out-with the Board I am Director for the Fostering Network Scotland.

I welcome the opportunity to work with The Action Group as they continue to develop and grow, with a particular interest in their decision (and what this means in practice), to offer services to adults who do not have a learning disability but who need mental health support. I look forward to my time on the Board.

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