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Robert Taylor

Board member

Robert Taylor

It has been a privilege to be part of The Action Group since the early days and see it grow year on year, providing an increased range of service for those who need them.

My specific interest in services for children and adults with a learning disability stems from my developmental role in Social Work during the earlier days of the Lothian Region. I have always had an interest in securing additional resources through encouraging a strong voluntary sector contribution.

I qualified as a Social Worker in 1971 and held different roles both in London and Edinburgh over the course of the years. Just before retirement in 2007 I was a Community Care Team Manager in Midlothian.

Other Information: It has been a fascinating journey since 1975. The group has evolved continuously in the face of new challenges that emerge year on year. Being part of these developments has been a privilege, both to see the number of people in receipt of the service grow substantially, as well as giving employment to hundreds of people. We have to remain optimistic that we can continue to make substantial progress over the coming years when no doubt we will face many more challenges to maintain a quality service.

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