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John Griffiths

Board member

John Griffiths

The Action Group has been a huge part of my life since I was very young. I have seen first-hand the good it can do and the help it can give families and vulnerable individuals. I joined the Board because I want to ensure that good work continues. I feel the experience I have gained in my working life in both politics, as a Senior Government Minister Advisor and Head of an MP’s Constituency Office and Business, a Company Director, can help The Action Group not only maintain its excellent standing in the industry but develop it further.

The Action Group provide a full Housing Service and Support for my eldest brother Thomas who has severe learning difficulties and a range of disabilities from birth. I feel very strongly that as a society we must do all we can to support the most vulnerable members of our community to the highest possible standard. Therefore my interest is to make sure The Action Group continue to provide services for vulnerable people and support those families who need it most. I feel my job as Board Member is to make sure the organisation continues to set those standards and adapts to modern life and the needs of its service users.

Outwith the Board: I am a Director/Owner of a Print and Design company based in Edinburgh and Glasgow called MC Squared. We provide a wide range of print and design services.

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