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Jo Kirby

Development Manager: Advice & Inclusion

Jo Kirby

Development Manager: Advice and Inclusion Advice Services

I am passionate about rights and equalities. Before joining The Action Group I worked as a personal assistant for a disabled woman and volunteered as a Citizen Advocate and Advice Worker. I began work with The Action Group in 2001 (starting in Real Jobs and then moving into Advice shortly after). I became Manager of the Advice Service in 2007 – moving into a Developmental role in 2011. I am responsible for the strategic and operational development of the Advice Services. This includes:

• Securing funding for Advice Services

• Managing 4 managers

• Developing quality systems within The Advice Service

• Ensuring that relevant knowledge from The Advice Service is shared with the Board/SMT/Wider Organisation

• Progressing organisation wide work streams (such as the Equalities Strategy) I have a degree in English Literature (Cardiff University)

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