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Stephen Oliver


The pandemic didn’t come with an instruction booklet! There was no manual available on how to cope during the pandemic and what the consequences were likely to be afterwards. We all just had to dust ourselves off and get on the best we could. This year’s Annual Review will showcase some of the fabulous work our staff have engaged in supporting over 2,000 people whilst rebuilding from some of the post-pandemic aftershocks.


‘Getting It Right’ is not just a glib statement as it incorporates so many daily activities and relationships our staff are involved in. At the same time as adjusting to the cost of living and recruitment difficulties that affect us all. Without the instruction manual the Board has focussed on providing advice and resources to focus on our values and what we do best - ‘no barriers for all of life’. Making sure the right support is provided by the right people at the right time and place has been the sole focus of our work over the year which has often been a challenge. A challenge that has only been met due to the dedication, expertise, and compassion of all our staff.


Getting it wrong isn’t always a totally bad thing either. Over the year our support, advice and employment services have looked at how to adapt or develop new approaches to challenges that have affected them the most. From this has sprung new thinking and innovation which will develop in the years to come. The acquisition of our new home, The Prentice Centre, is an example of this as it will allow us to explore new opportunities whilst strengthening our current services. I hope you all have a chance to visit us here in the coming months.


So when the instruction manual is finally written and tell us what we should have been doing all along, The Action Group will already be looking ahead and building the future services for people with support needs and learning disabilities.

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