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Human Resources

Human Resources

Getting it right for our staff and supported people

The HR team has gone through considerable changes in this last year with long standing colleagues leaving due to retirement, going back to their country of origin, and setting up a new business etc. However, such is people’s commitment to The Action group, that even though they have left, a few colleagues are still working with us as HR external support people, which is so invaluable. One of them even does some work for us from Canada! So, we are a global HR team now!

As much as it is hard to see people leave, this is part of life and we make sure we harness the opportunities that change brings: new people, with new ideas and new skills. The HR team have really increased their effectiveness and creativity in recruitment, given the social care staffing crisis, and its impact here at TAG. Instant interviews, social care sponsorship scheme, and much more joined up work with the comms team etc has really started to show a positive impact on our staff vacancies. The Acting Head of People and Digital Paul McCrory has plans with all his HR colleagues to make sure HR empowers staff and leaders, through HR training, increased accessible HR information for staff and by harnessing the benefits of Digital systems even more. The start of this is our investment in Brodies’ WorkBox self-service HR support for Leaders. HR is on a journey of change and for such a small team, they have big ambitions, to Get it even more right for everyone at TAG.

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