thumb TAG nightThe Action Group is very person-centred.

We are the organisation that cares.

Our staff have a vocation to make life better and easier for anyone with a support need. To do this, we work hard to build a relationship with you and your family. Together in partnership, we design and organise your support to meet your needs. You are our customer, and our values mean that we always work to ensure that our services are at as high a standard as possible.

The Action Group is about no barriers. It is about changing lives for the better, and making sure that everyone gets the chance to live their life to its fullest potential. We see the unique person in all of our users – your dreams, your desires, and your aspirations – and try our best to help. We also provide a high standard of support in personal care, in helping people with complex health needs, and in assisting people with complex medical conditions.

The Action Group is led by parents and carers of our service users, as well as our users themselves. Involving you or your loved one in the support we provide is at the heart of what we do.

If you are a parent or a carer, we run regular Carers’. These groups help to involve you in how we provide the services to your loved one.

If you are a user, we have regular Users’. These groups also help to involve you in all aspects of your support.

The Action Group is about making things happen. We believe that our relationship with you is what counts. You as a user, and you as a carer. We will always do our best to work in partnership with you to get things right and make things better.